What can I expect from an appointment?

You are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You will be greeted by our Clinical Assistants on reception who will ask what you are here for. After you have signed in and completed the safety questionnaire, you will be advised to take a seat in our reception, equipped with a water machine, hot drinks machine, magazines, and a TV. You will then be taken through to your appointment by the Radiographers or Sonographers depending on your appointment. You will be asked to remove any metal objects from your body. After your scan, you may be asked to complete a feedback form.

For MRI, if you are a self-paying patient you will receive a Vista folder containing your receipt and a CD with all MRI images. Your report will then be sent to your referrer within two working days.

What happens if I wish to clarify something in a report?

Your report will be sent back to your clinician and they will discuss the results with you.

What additional services does Vista Health offer?

Vista offers a range of additional services including:

  • Fast-track reporting for urgent cases
  • Scheduled telephone discussions with the Vista reporting Radiologist
  • Three-dimensional reconstructions for surgical planning
  • Full brain spectroscopy on all brain scans.

Can I bring family and friends to my appointment?

Family and friends are welcome however no children under the age of 16 are to attend the appointment unless accompanied by another adult.

When will I find out the results of my scan?

For MRI, if you are a self-paying patient your report will then be sent to your referrer within two working days.

Can I get a second opinion?

Our second opinion service provides you, our patients, with an invaluable second opinion when you do not feel confident with the first diagnosis you have received. We want to give you and your family the peace of mind that you have received the correct diagnosis.

With always have a qualified specialist who can provide a second opinion when you need it.

If you think you need a second opinion contact us on 0333 200 2064 to discuss your options or send an email to booking@vista-health.co.uk. We will need access to the original images and report to carry out this service.

Can I fast track my report?

At Vista Health, we want to ensure that you get fast results when you most need them. If you feel you cannot wait the two working days to receive your results, give us a call and speak to our patient care team who will guide you through the two-hour fast track service.

How can I share my feedback?

Your feedback is very important as it allows us to improve our service. Simply click one of the below links to leave us a review:

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