Debunking MRI Myths: Vista Health’s MRI Scan Handbook

Vista Health makes things more convenient for you. We have over 30 MRI scan sites across the UK, so all you have to do is call us to book your schedule. But for people who are not familiar with MRI scans, it’s understandable that they might feel nervous. Although the scan is painless and usually lasts between 15 to 45 minutes, there are many misconceptions about it.

To learn the truth about MRI scans and get peace of mind before your diagnosis, read below. We will debunk the five most common MRI myths by presenting you with the facts instead.


Fact #1: MRIs Do Not Expose You to Radiation

Contrary to popular opinion, MRIs have nothing to do with radiation. Even though X-Rays, PET and CT scans involve a particular level of radiation, MRIs don’t. Instead, they function via magnetic fields and radio waves to provide thorough body imaging without causing any health issues. 


Fact #2: Getting an MRI is Not Dangerous

If MRIs were harmful to humans, medical facilities wouldn’t use them, to begin with. But since MRIs use magnetic fields, the scans are not recommended for patients with internal devices like cardiac pacemakers. Some devices like orthopaedic joint implants will not get damaged during an MRI scan.

To check whether you can do an MRI scan, it’s best to consult your radiologist.


Fact #3: MRIs are Not Expensive

MRI scans are not expensive, especially when you take their advantages into consideration. For instance, the MRIs at Vista Health start from only £199. In addition, this type of diagnostic procedure helps your doctor detect possible complications and prevent them from worsening.


Fact #4: MRIs Do Not Only Scan the Brain

An MRI scan provides detailed imaging of all internal body parts. The scan is not limited to the brain and can be used to inspect the blood vessels, bones, spine, abdomen, chest, etc. 

Your doctor might recommend an MRI scan to diagnose a variety of conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, infections, stroke, optic nerve damage or tumours, among others.


Fact #5: Not Every MRI Machine is the Same

MRI scanning has existed for many years, but there are still relevant technological innovations in the field. In addition, there are three types of MRI machines - closed, open and upright. 

The first is a classic MRI machine that encloses the patient. An MRI open scanner and an upright scanner are more flexible and allow patients to get diagnosed while they are sitting, bending or standing.


Choose Vista Health as Your MRI Scan UK Provider

If you want a safe, comfortable and accurate MRI scan, schedule an appointment with Vista Health. In addition to standard MRIs, we provide MRI open scanner, ultrasound, endoscopyECHO, X-ray, CT scans and more.

Vista Help provides professional MRI scan diagnoses to patients across the UK. We have over 50 locations throughout the UK, with 16 practices based in London. Our diagnostic centre is open seven days a week. You can schedule same-day appointments. 

For further questions or to schedule an appointment, call, email or chat online with our patient care team!

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