Can I go for a private scan?

If you don’t have health insurance, you don’t have to wait for a scan through the NHS. Vista Health offers fast access to diagnostic scanning. We welcome patients choosing to self-pay, who might not have private medical insurance or wish to avoid long waiting lists elsewhere. We offer same day appointments and you will receive a completed radiology report within 48 hours of your scan.

To arrange a scan with Vista Health, you can get a referral directly from your NHS GP or you can self-refer. 


Complete your referral online, simple and quick.


After completing the referral form above, please send it to Alternatively, call our patient care team on 0333 200 2064 who can fill out the form for you.

After your scan has been completed we will send the report back to your referrer or your NHS GP.

Why are more patients choosing to pay for their own care?

  • you want to choose a location that is convenient for you
  • you don’t want to wait for a scan/diagnosis
  • you may not be receiving the correct diagnosis/treatment that is right for you
  • you want to choose a time that fits in with your lifestyle


If you have any questions or want advice on whether self-pay is the right choice for you please contact our dedicated patient care team:

Telephone: 0333 200 2064