28 Mar 2019, 18:00 – 20:00

This Vista Sporting CPD Event, our premier event in the North, will be looking at the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and injuries associated with playing Football.

Every Saturday and Sunday millions of brits play and watch Football, amateur and professional, and our Surgeons Winston Kim and Aali J Sheen will be discussing Hip,Groin and Knee case-studies, sharing their in-depth knowledge and insight into the conditions and injuries that many of us will suffer many times..

Professor Sheen has vast experience in the management of groin hernias from amateur to professional elite athletes and can undertake both open and laparoscopic surgery to suit the needs of each individual patient.
Professor Sheen is the Secretary of the British Hernia Society, Sub-committee member of the European Hernia Society and serves on Scientific and awards committee of the American Hernia Society. 

Winston Kim pioneered robotic assisted partial and total knee replacement in the North of England, and was the first to complete both robotic assisted partial, total knee and hip replacements in the North West. His clinical practice consists of hip replacement, partial and total knee replacements, knee arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy and ACL surgery. He has one of the largest series of robotic assisted lower limb surgery in the North West.


Mr Winston Kim

Prof Aali J Sheen


Nye Bevan House,

Maclure Road



OL11 1DN