Why refer to us?


We always deliver a timely and efficient healthcare service by adapting to each unique patient. We input referrals within 3 hours and contact the patient to arrange their appointment within the hour. Each patient receives their scan images on the day, and you will receive the report and images by email or post within 2 working days.


We provide quality reporting and imaging with high-quality scanners including 3T and 1.5 scanners.


With us, you have easy access to reports online. Once set up on our web-based imaging platform, Biotronics, you can see the full collection of scan images. To join our panel and be set up on Biotronics, simply fill out this form and we will get back to you.


We are accessible and communicative every step of the way.

Low cost

We work to enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes with our competitive and affordable services. Our goal is to create solutions to benefit all patients. We offer MRI scans from as little as £199, Ultrasound from £125 and X-ray from £85.

A dedicated Patient Care Team

Our Patient Care Team is here to support each patient throughout the whole booking journey. Our team input a referral within 3 hours and all patients are contacted within 24 hours of us receiving their referral.