Hearing loss can happen to anyone, and when it does, it happens gradually — so much so that most patients don’t realise their hearing is deteriorating until the symptoms have already progressed. This might explain why over 40 per cent of British people over 50 years old and 70 per cent of those over 70 have hearing loss.

Since hearing loss occurs with age, we recommend getting a Hearing Aid Consultation in the UK when you’re nearing 50 (or when there is a definite need for one) and then going back for annual checks when it is apparent that your hearing is no longer as good as it once was.

Why Should You Get a Hearing Aid Consultation?

Hearing loss is not always preventable, but knowing that your hearing is starting to weaken will encourage you to avoid loud noises and other known causes of avoidable hearing loss.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 60 per cent of hearing loss in children is due to avoidable causes. Over a billion young adults are at risk of preventable and permanent hearing loss as a result of unsafe listening practices.

Here are more reasons to take these tests:

  • A hearing impairment can affect your ability to communicate. It’s more than losing the ability to hear and respond accordingly: people who develop hearing impairment later in life become prone to social isolation and loneliness.
  • You might face negative stigma, like being old and less competent than people whose hearing is still perfect.
  • Your self-confidence may decline. Many who experience hearing loss later in life feel embarrassed about wearing hearing aids or asking people to repeat themselves. Embarrassment can also lead some patients to delay treatment on purpose because they don’t want their coworkers or friends to learn of their impairment.
  • Loss of hearing could cost you your job. Exceptional hearing is a requirement in certain jobs in music, the armed services, security, construction and manufacturing. Some employers may retain employees who wear hearing aids, but not for jobs where such devices can hinder their performance (e.g., firefighters, active military personnel).

Hearing Aid Consultation Benefits

The purpose of taking a hearing test is not so you can seek treatment to reverse hearing loss. Right now, there’s no stopping it when it develops. But will still be to your advantage to take the test and learn of your condition. Here’s why:

  • You can slow the progression by breaking habits that can damage your eardrums (e.g., using headphones for over an hour without breaks and turning the volume up while wearing noise-cancelling earphones).
  • You can make necessary preparations, like ask to be reassigned to a position that doesn’t require a perfect hearing if the one you’re holding now does.
  • Your doctor can immediately recommend appropriate treatment, which can be medical intervention (if you have conductive hearing loss), custom hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Once your hearing improves because of treatment, you can be independent again and regain your confidence. You will no longer feel embarrassed or anxious about socialising.
  • Your souring relationships with your family and friends can also improve.
  • You may have a chance to keep your job.

Get Tested at Vista Health

Book an appointment for a Hearing Aid Consultation at Vista Health. We are HCPC-registered and a leading provider of hearing test services in our locations in HornchurchPeterborough and Southampton.

We also offer treatment and perform procedures like ear microsuction in London and other fully-equipped clinics.

Our highly qualified and trained hearing aid dispensers administer hearing tests with gentle care and utmost professionalism. Visit Vista Health to regain control of your hearing.

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