In recent years, healthcare has focused on offering people more options and easier access to medical services. One significant change is that individuals can arrange medical tests like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans for themselves. 

This blog post will explain the self-referral process and how to refer yourself.

What is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)? 

MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic scan that creates detailed images of your body's organs and structures. MRI uses strong magnets and radio waves to provide valuable information, helping doctors diagnose and evaluate various medical conditions.  

MRI is safer than X-rays or CT scans because it doesn't use radiation. 

Understanding the Importance of Self-Referral 

Traditionally, obtaining an MRI scan requires a referral from a healthcare provider. However, self-referral allows you to take control of your health: 

  • Faster Access - Self-referring for an MRI scan can reduce waiting times, allowing you to get the diagnostic information you need quickly. 

  • Greater control - empowers you to take control of your healthcare journey, allowing you to seek necessary tests proactively. 

  • No GP referral required – You can self-refer for specific diagnostic scans and body parts. 

  • Convenience - Self-referral allows you to choose a time and location that suits your schedule. 

Vista Health: A Leading Provider of Private Diagnostic Scans and Services 

Vista Health is a well-established diagnostic imaging provider in the United Kingdom, known for its commitment to patient-centered care and advanced technology. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services, including MRI scans, and provide an easy and accessible way for patients to self-refer. 

Simple Steps to Self-Refer for an MRI Scan Through Vista Health 

1. Choose the Scan Type and body part (s)  

Choose the specific type of diagnostic scan you require. We offer a variety of scan options and body parts to suit different medical needs. 

At Vista Health, we provide the following services for self-referral: 

2. Find Your Nearest Clinic 

Use the clinic locator to find the nearest Vista Health scanning centre.

3. Complete the Online Self-Referral Form 

You will be prompted to complete an online form that includes your personal information and medical safety questions. We will only use this information for your clinical appointment with us. 

4. Book Your Appointment 

Once you've chosen your scan type, you can book your appointment through the website here. Select a convenient date and time. We provide transparent pricing so you know what to expect. Make payment to secure your booking, and you will receive confirmation of your appointment. 

5. Or submit your self-referral 

Should you want further advice or support through your journey with us, you can choose to submit your referral, and our friendly, knowledgeable team will contact you to offer guidance before you book with us. 

6. Attend Your Appointment 

On the day of your appointment, arrive at your chosen Vista Health clinic at the scheduled time. We look forward to welcoming you to our own Diagnostic Centre.  

There's no need to worry if you have any doubts about your chosen scan. Our expert clinical team will review your referral to ensure the correct scan has been selected based on your symptoms. If a different scan or a contrast agent is required, our patient booking team will contact you to discuss this in more detail. 

Refer yourself for an MRI scan and skip long waits.  

Refer yourself for a private MRI scan today. With a commitment to quality and patient care, Vista Health has become a trusted choice for those seeking self-referred MRI scans in the UK. Your health and well-being are in your hands, and we are here to support you on your healthcare journey. 

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