Welcome to our Vista Health Patient Imaging Guide. Our Patient Image Portal offers you easy access to view your scan images electronically, allowing you to view your scan images online and share them with healthcare professionals including your consultant or referrer.

Frequently asked questions

How do I log into the portal?

To access your scan images you will need:

• Your health portal access code sent via text message

• An access link sent via email

You will receive an email from ‘Vista Health Portal’. Simply click the link in the email and enter the access code sent to you via text message.

See below example


How can I reset my portal password?

On the login page, click the 'Forgotten password' button and then enter the registered email address. An email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password. 

  • photo4.png

I have followed the above steps but cannot reset my password?

Ensure the email address and date of birth format is correct (email@email.com, 01/01/1900). You will be presented with a message if the format is incorrect.

How can I share my images?

To share your images, select the share button when logged in. You will be asked to create a password-protected pin code for you to share with any recipients to enable them to view your scan images.

The screen below will appear


Enter the recipient Full Name, Email, a message (optional), create a Pin Code, and Expiration date (i.e. how long the study should be shared for), tick the consent box and click Share.


Why do I need to enter a PIN Code when sharing my images?

Your PIN Code is for password protection. Please share the PIN Code with any recipient who you wish to view your images, such as a medical professional.


I have logged into the portal but cannot see my images. What should I do?

If unable to view your scan images, please give our patient care team a call on 0333 200 2064.


Is my report available to view on the portal?

The portal gives you access to view your scan images only. Your report will be sent to your NHS GP or referring clinician within 3 working days. If you wish to receive a copy of your report, please call us on 0333 200 2064.


I have tried to download the images but there is a message displaying ‘file not supported’. How can I download them?

If you are unable to open and download your images, you may need to download a special program called MicroDicom. This can be downloaded here: https://www.microdicom.com

After downloading and installing this program, you are able to drag the ZIP file that contains your images into this program and view them.

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