From activity trackers to fitness communities to guided workout routines, kick-start your health with our top 9 recommendations for the best health and fitness apps.

1. Calm

Find your inner peace with the ‘Calm’ app. Focusing on meditation and mindfulness, Calm allows you to learn meditation basics and focuses on reducing anxiety and stress. Programmes include an ‘emotions series’, ‘deep sleep release’ and a ‘mindful eating’.

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is ranked as one of the best fitness apps in the health industry. With a calorie intake tracker, food diary, ability to save meals and recipes and workout tracker, this app is a must-have to reach your goals.

3. Strava

Are you a competitive runner, swimmer or cyclist? Strava is the social network for athletes. Swedish for “Strive”, Strava’s mission is to build an engaged community of athletes in the world. Features include the ability to track and analyse performance using GPS, share activity and connect with friends and family through the Strava feed and join different clubs for activities and communities.  

4. Couch to 5K

Couch Potatoes take note. Get off the couch and begin your Couch to 5k journey with this motivational coach app which has helped thousands complete their first 5K race. For only 30 minutes a day, three days a week, select your run and begin your fitness journey with different running schedules each week.

5. Sleep Cycle

Not getting enough Zzz’s? Keep track of your sleep using Sleep Cycle. This app includes an alarm clock which tracks sleep patterns and wakes you up in the morning during natural sleep. Sleep Cycle focuses on the five different stages of sleep and tracks eye movement, muscle activity and body temperature to provide analysis and regular sleep patterns.

6. Sworkit

Improve your fitness in only 6-weeks with the Sworkit app, which stands for “Simply Work It’. The app offers video workouts for your specific needs which range from five to fifteen minutes. Sworkits mission is to create a world that puts an end to childhood obesity and combines random exercises with interval training. Sworkit has helped over 25 million people reach their fitness goals and find the perfect workout for them.

7. Happify

This science-based app using videos and soundtracks to help overcome stress and negative thoughts using evidence-based solutions. Develop new habits and break old ones using effective tools and programmes to help take control of your emotions. The techniques have been developed by leading experts and scientists who specialise in mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy.

8. HeadSpace

For daily meditations and mindfulness exercises, the Headspace app takes you to a place of your own and helps you cope with stress and sleep. Chirag Shah, MD of says “Many scientific studies have demonstrated how beneficial meditation is for our health. The Headspace app is a winner as far as bringing the practice of meditation to the masses.”

9. Charity Miles

Get fit and earn money for charity at the same time with the Charity Miles App. You can decide what charity you would like to donate to and can earn money with every mile you run, walk, dance or bike. Charity Miles has partnered with over to world-class charities that focus on health, children, the environment and animals, therefore, you can choose a charity that is close to your heart.