13th June 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

Common MRI Facts To Know

Need to schedule an MRI but don’t know what to expect? Read Vista Health’s blog where we debunk the common MRI myths and share valuable MRI facts.

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28th April 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

4 Myths around MRI Scans

This week we cover off 4 myths about MRI Scanning

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7th April 2020   |   Authored by Robert Shanks

How to keep fit and exercise at home

Following on from our ideas of how to exercise, Robert Shanks provides some more inspirational ways to keep fit using everyday household items

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31st March 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

No Gym Equipment at Home? Ways You Can Still Stay Active

We suggest 6 ways you and your family can still stay fit whilst self isolating at home

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23rd March 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing at home

If you're having to stay at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19), it's important to take care of your mind and body. The following suggestions and ideas give you advice about how to…

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13th March 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Coronavirus and attending patient appointments

Vista Health would like to advise all patients that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our services safe.

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4th March 2020   |   Authored by Six Physio

Pilates FAQs: Pilates Physio Amy Yates fills you in

100 years on from inception, Pilates has evolved a lot from the days of Joseph Pilates and his 1920’s work with Ballet companies of New York. Although the ethos and exercises…

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20th February 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

The difference between Brittle Bone disease and Osteoperosis

Brittle bone disease is very often mentioned in the same sentence as osteoporosis, but they are two different conditions. In our blog this week we talk about brittle bone…

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17th February 2020   |   Authored by Six Physio

Shoulder Pain

Subacromial pain syndrome, or shoulder pain to you and I. In Henry's blog this week he talks about shoulder pain, the impact it has and what exercises you can do to ease the pain

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11th February 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Open vs. Closed MRI - Which is right for you?

We discuss how MRI has moved on since its inception, and we weigh up the pros and cons of a closed MRI scanner compared to an Open MRI scanner.

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7th February 2020   |   Authored by Andrew Nurcombe-Thorne

Optimal sleeping positions to aid spinal health

We all know that our bodies recover and heal themselves when we are sleeping. Andrew here discusses how your sleep position can affect your spine and recommends the best lying…

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