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A highly qualified HCPC registered Hearing Aid Dispenser will conduct the consultation and required tests to determine whether you are experiencing hearing loss and will offer a suitable hearing aid solution. Hearing loss affects 1 in every 6 people in the United Kingdom, and it can grow progressively over time. We're here to help you deal with hearing or balance issues, find the right hearing aids, and enhance your quality of life.

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FREE Hearing Aid Consultation

The hearing test includes the assessment of both ears.



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Hearing loss or ear problems?

There are two forms of hearing loss: conductive hearing loss, which happens when sound cannot pass through the outer or middle ear, and sensorineural hearing loss, which is caused by issues within the inner ear (cochlea) or the auditory nerve, which sends signals to the brain. 

Hearing technology can be beneficial in cases of hearing loss. If an underlying condition, such as earwax build-up or tinnitus, is causing your hearing loss, we can formulate a treatment plan to resolve these problems and improve your hearing.

Regain control of your hearing

A full comprehensive audio assessment can determine the degree of your hearing loss and how it affects your life. Regain your independence and confidence, with a free hearing assessment at Vista Health. We work with you throughout your journey to safely and effectively manage hearing loss.

During your appointment, we'll spend a lot of time understanding your hearing issues before running a series of tests that we'll go through with you. All of these tests are free of charge.

All of our clinics are run and managed by highly qualified HCPC registered Hearing Aid Dispensers, who participate in a Continuous Professional Development Programme and attend expert courses to stay up to date with the latest developments in the sector. 

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What happens during a test?

Step 1 The Dispenser will take a short medical history from you to discuss the issues you have with your hearing. They will be looking for ways they can help you so being open and honest about any problems you have will help them to understand your needs better and give the best advice they can.
Step 2 They will then check inside your ears for abnormalities or obstructions and test your hearing – you’ll sit in a booth and have sounds played to you to test the quietest you can hear. This gives the dispenser the level of any hearing loss so they can determine if your problems require hearing aids.
Step 3 If they detect something of concern, they may perform tympanometry, which inflates your ear canal to test how your eardrum works.
Step 4 Providing your test results suggest you need hearing aids, they will then make a recommendation of the best solution for you based upon your reported difficulties, the history you have provided, and the test results. They will discuss with you all the options to help you decide what will be the best way forward for you.
Step 5 We'll schedule a follow-up appointment after two to four weeks to make sure everything is working well and fine-tune the programming if necessary.  

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Hearing Aid Consultation

Hearing Aid Consultation FREE

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Why would you need a hearing aid consultation?

The following factors can contribute to hearing loss:

Ear wax build up
Ear infections
Eardrum damage
Noise exposure
Glue ear
Viral infections (presbyacusis)
Sudden hearing loss
Hearing problems in the family


Frequently asked questions

Why should I go for a hearing aid consultation?

It’s easy to overlook hearing health, particularly if you’re not experiencing any bothersome symptoms. If you have any problems with your hearing, or others have commented on you not hearing things, then it makes sense to have a hearing aid consultation.

You may require a hearing aid consultation if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Ear wax build up
  • Ear infections
  • Eardrum damage
  • Otosclerosis
  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Noise exposure

What happens during an appointment?

The assessment consists of the Audiologist asking you questions about your medical history, understanding from you how your hearing problems are causing you difficulties and then examining your ears before testing your hearing. The test will involve you wearing headphones and listening to a variety of tones – sounding like musical notes. You’ll have to indicate when you hear the sound, usually by pressing a button.

How often should I have a hearing test?

We recommend once you have a hearing test to get it re-tested at least every three years.

How long will the appointment take?

The tests are all carried out by HCPC registered Hearing Aid Dispensers.

When will I get the results?

Once the test is finished the Audiologist will explain the results to you. It may be that your hearing is normal in which case no further action is taken. Should you need an onward referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat consultant or hearing aids are required this will be explained to you in full.

What happens if I need a hearing aid?

If you have been advised that you would benefit from having a hearing aid (or aids), the Audiologist will advise you of the next steps. It may be that you are fitted with a hearing aid (or aids) there and then you may have to return. Any return is usually within two weeks.

What aftercare is available?

We are here to help and support you after you have had a hearing aid from us. Aftercare appointments are free and can be arranged when needed. We will also provide you with a free supply of 60 batteries (for non-rechargeable hearing aids) and a pack of wax guards to help maintain your hearing aids. These items can also be purchased from us when required. You can access our services by calling our patient care team on 0333 200 2064.


We understand that you may wish to discuss this with a family member or a friend before booking an appointment, so we have put together a printable Hearing Aid Consultation Sheet for your convenience.

Download Hearing Aid Consultation Summary Sheet (PDF)

Vista Health Hearing Aid price list (PDF)

If you do not have Adobe PDF reader installed then you can download it here.


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