Open and Upright MRI Scan

Specially Designed Alternatives To Standard Tunnel Scanners


Open and Upright MRI Scan

We provide an Open MRI scan which is an alternative to the conventional MRI and provides optimal image quality for patients who are not comfortable with a conventional scanner.

Our Open and Upright MRI scanners use cutting-edge technology, which are specifically designed for patients that may have anxiety issues or are claustrophobic, bariatric or have restricted mobility. Thanks to the nature of their 'open' design, the machine allows you to sit between two large magnetised plates and you are able to look out. It also allows for a variety of scanning positions such as seated and leaning.

You can also refer yourself, so no need for a GP referral to book a scan. Through our online booking system (Book&Go), patients can schedule an open mri scan appointment at their preferred time and location.




From Only £530

This is a fixed price for one body part.



Locations UK Wide

Our Open and Upright MRI scans are available in Birmingham and London.



Same Day Appointments

You can have quick access with same day appointments.

What is an Open MRI scan?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a way of taking pictures inside the body without using x-rays.

Open MRI is suitable for certain parts of your body, including bones, soft tissues and the brain, and is one of the most advanced imaging techniques used to date. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field which allows doctors to see inside your body in a way previously only possible through surgery.

While MRI scans are highly efficient, the standard 'tunnel' scanners can be particularly uncomfortable for claustrophobic patients, overweight patients or for those unable to lie flat for a prolonged period. In these cases you should consider our MRI Open and Upright scanners in Birmingham and London, for greater comfort. 

Open MRI delivers the same level of accuracy as a traditional scanner, however all four sides of the scanner are open, therefore reducing the risk of claustrophobia and panic attacks.

Patients can also watch a large flat screen television whilst having their MRI scan. The importance of an Upright MRI scan is being stress-free, comfortable, and relaxing.

Advantages of an Open MRI over the conventional 'tunnel' MRI:

  • Superior imaging in that it is able to detect issues that are only visible when the patient is in a weight-bearing situation, or in a position that causes discomfort.
  • Patients can be imaged in a lying down, standing or in a sitting position.
  • Perfect for patients that may suffer Claustrophobia, or anxiety.
  • Patients who are larger or have restricted mobility or that are unable to lie down.
  • Some patients need to be observed during the scan for whatever reason.
  • Offers a range of different MRI scans including brain, spine, shoulder, ankle, and the pelvic region.
  • Our Open MRI facility features tranquil landscapes on the walls, creating a peaceful environment for our patients. We also offer a music system that patients can plug into, enhancing their overall comfort and relaxation during the scanning process. 

Open Upright MRI

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Open MRI

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Prices from £530

Services using open MRI scans may cost a little more than the conventional 'tunnel' scanners. But here at Vista Health such services remain affordable for patients who suffer from claustrophobia or those unable to lie flat for extended periods or not able to fit comfortably in a traditional MRI scanner.

The diagnosis is always included in the price and your report will be completed by a specialist consultant radiologist and returned to your referrer or GP within 3 working days from your scan time.

Your price will always be clearly explained before you book. At Vista Health, we make it our mission to guide you through every stage of your MRI journey.

Open MRI prices from *


(Upright MRI)
(Conventional Open and Upright MRI)

* Please call us / enquire for pricing for additional body parts.

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Why would you need an Open and Upright MRI scan?

Throughout your referral process our dedicated team will determine whether an Open MRI scan is the right course of action for you. If you suffer with any of the following an Open MRI may be the best way to diagnose an illness and ensure you receive the best possible care going forward. 



Do you suffer from headaches, dizziness, strange sensations or paralysis? If you do then please speak to our expert team as an MRI scan may find the cause.


An MRI scan would help find possible causes of sciatica, back pain, injury, scoliosis, or paralysis. Call or contact us via the form below to get advice.

Bones, Joints and Muscles

An MRI scan can help diagnose pain and symptoms relating to severe joint pain, injury, and ligament tears. It can be used to detect tendon tears or arthritis.


Issues with your sacroiliac joints, hip, sacrum, and coccyx can all be identified with an MRI scan.

Maximised Comfort

Our Upright Open scanners are designed to provide maximum comfort and provide a stress-free alternative to using an enclosed tunnel MRI scanner.

Imaging in Position of Pain

An Upright Open MRI scanner is ideal for scanning various parts of the body in weight-bearing positions. The scanner can be moved to a location that allows for better imaging of the body portion being studied.

Bariatric / Restricted Mobility

Upright Open MRI scanners are useful for anyone who can't lie flat for long amounts of time or can't fit comfortably into a typical MRI tunnel scanner.


Our cutting-edge scanners are specifically built for patients with claustrophobia or anxiety, as well as those who need to be monitored during the MRI procedure.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions then please do contact our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Care team on 0333 242 6887 or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to answer any concerns you may have about having an MRI scan with Vista Health.

What is an Open and Upright MRI scan?

An Open MRI scan is an alternative to the conventional ‘tunnel’ MRI and provides optimal image quality. Open and Upright MRI is deal for certain areas of your body including bones, soft tissue, and brain, and is one of the most innovative imaging methods used to date.

Why may I need an Open and Upright MRI scan?

An Open and Upright MRI scanner is ideal for a variety of patients, including: 

  • Patients that may suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety

  • Patients who need to be imaged in a lying down, standing or in a seated position

  • Patients who are larger or have restricted mobility or that are unable to lie down

Where are your Open MRI scanners located?

Our Open and Upright MRI scanners are available in Birmingham and London.

What is the magnetic strength of the Open and Upright MRI scanners?

Our scanners operate the below field strengths:

  • Upright MRI (London Fitzrovia) - 0.6T
  • Magnifico Open (London Fitzrovia) - 0.4T
  • Upright MRI (Birmingham) - 0.5T

Is there a weight limit when having an Open MRI scan?

The weight restrictions for our Open and Upright MRI scans are outlined below:

Leeds/Birmingham Upright MRI

Maximum Weight: 200kg / 31.5 Stone 

Maximum Width: 56cm / 22 inches

London Conventional Open Scanner

Maximum Weight: 200kg / 31.5 Stone 

Will I feel claustrophobic during the scan?

An Open MRI unit is ideal for patients with claustrophobia and anxiety. An open MRI machine has an opening far wider than the standard machine, so you can see out both sides.

Our Upright Open MRI is a truly open system that increases relaxation to reduce anxiety. You can walk into the scanner and can even watch television while being scanned.


We understand that you may wish to discuss this with a family member or a friend before booking an appointment, so we have put together a printable Open MRI summary sheet for your convenience.

Download Open MRI Summary (PDF)

If you do not have Adobe PDF reader installed then you can download it here.

Interested in an Open and Upright MRI?

Please contact us via the form below, or alternatively call us and speak directly to one of our experienced staff. We are here to help.

Remember that you can refer yourself and do not need a GP referral.

Alternatively, submit a referral or book an appointment online.




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