Comfortable and accessible

Open MRI and Upright Open MRI offers a completely different experience from a “tunnel” MRI experience, putting comfort and accessibility at the top of patient care.

Open MRI

Our Open MRI scanner located at Croydon University Hospital has a vertical magnetic field rather than standard cylinder to help patients. It offers optimal image quality and can scan every body part excluding breast scans and MRAs (Angiogram).

  • A less claustrophobic environment for anxious patients
  • A higher level of patient comfort
  • More relaxing and comfortable
Upright Open MRI

Instead of lying down, our patients can comfortably sit in between two large magnetised plates, which means from a patient perspective that there is nothing immediately in front of you or above you during the scan, offering a more patient-friendly experience.

  • Ability to scan patients lying down
  • Scan patients in position of pain
  • Scan patients whilst sitting up
  • Scan patients whilst flexing, extending, rotating and lateral bending
Who is Open and Upright Open MRI for?
  • Bariatric patients
  • Anxious patients
  • Claustrophobic patients
  • Patients with the inability to lie flat for long periods
  • Limited mobility patients
  • Patients who experience problems with sitting, bending, leaning and lying down.

We currently offer Upright Open MRI at our Birmingham, Leeds and Westminster sites.


For Upright Open MRI, prices start from £800 per body part.

Opening times

7 days per week 8am-8pm

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