An Echocardiagram (Echo) is a type of ultrasound scan to take images of the heart. It is a safe and easy way to make an early diagnosis of any potential heart issues. 

The scan involves you being undressed from the waist up as you lie on your left side. An ultrasound probe is placed over the chest and abdomen to take images to give a full assessment of your heart size and structure. Depending on the scan, you will be in your appointment between 20 and 45 minutes.

What is an Echo scan?

An Echo scan is used to show how well your heart is working. The scan can be used at different stages from initial diagnosis to prognosis and follow-up.

Once a diagnosis is made it helps monitor prognosis and gives your specialist a clear guide on what treatment is best. The scan is used in follow up appointments following diagnosis to check how you are responding to your medication and/or device. 

What happens after the Echo scan?

There are no known after effects of an echo scan and the whole procedure should be painless. The images will be reviewed and a report sent to your healthcare specialist for diagnosis or further treatment. 

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