Rachel Wall, Head of Private Patients

“My New Year’s Resolution is to run once a week for the whole of 2019. This is much more about fitness and wellbeing for me, although losing a few pounds and improving my fitness would be a bonus. I have chosen to commit to this one because pre-child, I used to run and be very active but then work and home life left me with limited time to concentrate on myself. This is to remind myself how important it is to concentrate on me for just for one hour a week.”

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Carole Watt, Patient Care Advisor

“My New Year’s Resolution is to grow my hair back and eat healthily. I recently shaved my head for charity because two people recently died from cancer and I also had cancer removed from below my eye about 8 weeks ago. I have now raised £590. The healthy eating resolution is to lose weight and I will stop eating too much chocolate and biscuits.”

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Rachel Borg, Patient Care Advisor

“My New Year’s Resolution is to ride my pony more often and give him a bit more attention – he has had a few months off and is getting very fat so if I will aim to ride him at least 4 times a week in the new year.”

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Hannah Sutcliffe, Marketing and Design Assistant

“My New Year’s resolution is to complete the couch to 5K and take part in at least two events for charity. I also want to travel somewhere I haven’t been to yet, as my bucket list is huge!”

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Suzana Janusko, Patient Care Advisor

“My goal for 2019 is to work more on my self-development. So, completing my micro blading course, reiki level 2 and learn yoga. The major thing for me is to stop procrastinating and do the work!”

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Amy Clegg, Patient Care Advisor

“My New Year’s resolution Is to continue saving for a mortgage.”

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Sandra Mason, Team Leader

“My resolution is that I am going to get outdoors more in my free time instead of spending it in front of the TV.”

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Victoria Howell, Patient Care Advisor

“My new year resolution is to run the Chester half marathon – I completed it in 2016 and 2017 but I broke my knee last Christmas so my running had to stop but I’m determined to get back to it this year!”

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