Medical Imaging in Clinical Research

Fast access to a wide network of diagnostic services to support with your research requirements


Vista Health provide fast access to a wide range of medical and diagnostic services available for use in clinical research trials.

We’re committed to the success of our partnerships. We work closely with your research team to provide the highest standard of quality, efficiency and patient care.

Our dedicated clinical research team work with you to contract and mobilise all research studies, giving you a single point of contact for initial and ongoing support. 

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Range of medical diagnostics

A comprehensive range of medical imaging and diagnostic services is available for use in clinical research, trials, and studies. Our clinical and operations teams work closely to deliver protocol-specific requirements.

Locations UK Wide

We can provide you with UK-wide access to our network of community diagnostic centres and mobile fleet.
Our mobile and relocatable units use the latest technology to deliver the most advanced imaging solutions

An expert team

Access to a panel of expert radiologists who are all qualified and insured to report research studies. We work closely with your research team to deliver reports using study specific templates. 

Your clinical trial diagnostic partner.

  • A comprehensive range of medical imaging and diagnostic services including CT, Endoscopy, MRI, DEXA, X-Ray and others
  • Mobile and relocatable units using the latest technology to deliver the most advanced imaging solutions
  • Fast access to appointments
  • Access to a panel of expert radiologists that can deliver rapid results to get the report back to your research team
  • Protocol-specific requirements to deliver a cost-effective solution to you and your sponsor
  • Dedicated Patient Care Team to process your referrals quickly and accurately

Dedicated Patient Care Centre

At the Patient Care Centre, we own each step of the patient's journey. From the first referral to the final report, our fully qualified teams provide the care and support our patients need every step of the way.

All teams provide an excellent quality of care to each patient with:

  • Initial contact within 24 hours of receiving their referral
  • Offering the earliest available appointments, with a range of convenient locations
  • Patient engagement, this is key to how we work, we address any queries and concerns from the first conversation
  • World-class service levels with reports returned in 3 working days

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Our Mobile & Relocatable Fleet

We are the UK’s largest independent provider of mobile healthcare solutions, which are rated as OUTSTANDING by the CQC.

  • Our deployment of mobile units enables efficient on-site scanning, reducing logistical hurdles and enhancing patient convenience and flexibility
  • Our mobile and relocatable solutions can be established quickly, with minimal risk and low costs, ultimately putting advanced diagnostic capabilities within easy reach of patients and adding capacity to local diagnostic services
  • All 100+ mobile units are equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment

Community Diagnostic Centres

Our state-of-the-art Diagnostic Centres boast a range of impressive features and services including: ​

  • A wide range of diagnostic and screening services
  • Dedicated scanning suites for MRICTUltrasound, X-Ray and Echocardiography
  • Cutting-edge technology, including the most modern, brand-new equipment including an advanced Sola 1.5T MRI System and CT Aquilion scanner

  • Conveniently located in major cities across the UK

  • Our existing CDC network is open 14 hours each day, 7 days a week


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We provide a range of clinical diagnostics including:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Computed Tomography (CT)




Cardiac MRI


ECG Testing


Key features of our medical imaging
and diagnostic imaging solutions

Patient Satisfaction

Our Community Diagnostic Centres boast a patient satisfaction rate exceeding 98%, with Did Not Attend (DNA) rates falling below 4%? Additionally, our network of Community Diagnostic Centres serves over 1 million patients annually.

Rapid & High Quality Results

Through an innovative digital strategy, we explore, trial and implement state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest quality images, reports and patient data.

Fully Managed Patient Pathways

We oversee the entire patient journey, from appointment scheduling to consultant radiologist reports, backed by our devoted Patient Referral Centre.


Flexible Staffing

Our staffing approach is customisable and adaptable to suit the requirements of the local healthcare system, with the option for a fully staffed solution when necessary.

Expert & Experienced Team

We provide access to a panel of expert radiologists who are capable of delivering rapid results, ensuring that you receive your report precisely when you need it most.


Mobile & Relocatable Fleet

Our mobile and relocatable solutions can be quickly deployed, effectively bringing advanced diagnostics closer to patients and enhancing capacity for local diagnostic services.

Modern Facilities

Our centres are equipped with the latest facilities to provide patients and staff with outstanding clinical and operational spaces.

Community Diagnostic Centres

We aim to bring healthcare nearer to patients' homes and are located in convenient areas, including high-streets, retail spaces or new stand-alone facilities.



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