Take Control of Your Health

We know how long it can take to get a diagnosis, so we made it simple for you to access diagnostic services when you need them most.

Our nationwide clinics operate 7 days a week and you get results within 3 working days of your appointment.

Use our online booking portalrefer yourself or contact us and we will support you through your healthcare journey with us.

If you already have a referral click here.

We offer different options for accessing your journey with us:


Refer Yourself

You can refer yourself here and our friendly team will contact you directly to book your appointment.


Book Online Now

You can book your own appointment here in a few easy steps.


Enquire Now

Enquire here with any questions about our services.


Call 0333 331 5779

Call our dedicated Patient Care Team for support and guidance.


What body part do I need scanned?

Click below for further information on body parts, symptoms and what our scans can diagnose.

Frequently asked questions

What is self referral?

We know how worrying it is when something feels wrong. Fast access to diagnostic tests can give you the answers quickly.

Self-referral allows you to take control of your own health with direct access to our own specialist diagnostic services.

You can even self-refer and book your own appointment here.

What if I cannot refer myself?

Self-referral is available in most circumstances. However, in some instances, we may need further clinical information. We will contact you if this is the case.

If needed, we offer a virtual GP consultation service where we can provide you with a referral and a follow-up consultation to discuss results.

How much does a GP consultation cost?

You will receive both an initial and follow-up consultation for £75. To find out more about this service please click here.

Can I discuss my results?

We offer a consultation service with GMC registered GPs to discuss your scan results.
*20% consultation discount will be applied when booked together with your scan.


We're here to help.

If you are unsure if you need a referral or want to book your consultation then please call our Patient Care Team on 0372 291 2696. ​​​

Alternatively complete the enquiry form here.