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Vista Health is a leading provider of MRI scanning services across the UK. We are one of the country’s largest independent specialist providers of MRI scans.

Our Mission is to make high quality, private diagnostic services affordable and accessible to everybody, which is why we ensure that all prices for our services are the most competitive in the private healthcare market.

We provide specialist MRI scanning services seven days a week, supported by our friendly and knowledgeable patient care team who will support you through every step of your healthcare journey with us.




MRI scan

An MRI scan is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure which captures high-quality images of inside the body. It is one of the most advanced imaging techniques used to date and is widely used to view the joints, muscles, nerves, bone marrow, blood vessels and other body structures.

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Full Body MRI Scan

Our total body MRI scan provides immediate insight into your current overall health. A total body MRI scan includes the brain, abdomen, pelvis and full spine. The platinum package includes clinical insight into the health of your heart.

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Cardiac MRI

A cardiac MRI scan allows cardiologists to view exceptionally detailed images of your internal organs, including your heart structure and blood vessels and is used to diagnose a wide range of heart conditions, including coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, heart valve disease and cardiac tumours.

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MR Arthrogram

An MR Arthrogram is an in-depth diagnostic examination that tests the inside of a joint (e.g. shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle) to determine whether you have an injury or symptoms. The imaging equipment is used to create detailed images, detailing the inside section of a joint to ensure a quick and easy diagnosis.

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Individual Body Scans

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How to book your MRI Scan today

To arrange a scan with Vista Health, you can get a referral directly from your NHS GP
or you can refer yourself if you are requiring an MRI scan or Ultrasound.
For other scans and endoscopy procedures, please go to the Services page and select the appropriate service.

Call us or send us an enquiry if you want to discuss any procedure.


I am Referring Myself

You can either submit a self-referral only at this stage, or go on to choose your appointment and pay online.

You can refer yourself for an MRI, Total Body MRI,
UltrasoundEchocardiogram or Ear Microsuction.


I Have a Referral

Complete and submit the online form with the details from your referral.  You can even go on and book your appointment and pay online.

This is for MRI, Total Body MRI, UltrasoundEchocardiogram or Ear Microsuction.

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