5th January 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

We Continue to Remain Open Providing the Highest Level of Care During National Lockdown

During the National Lockdown, declared on 4th January 2021, Vista Health will remain open. The new policies do not impact the healthcare industry and during this period, we will…

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4th March 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

Colonoscopy vs Gastroscopy – the key differences

It can be confusing when medical practioners talk about Endoscopies, Colonoscopies or Gastrocopies. In this article our Clinical Director explains the procedures and the…

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4th March 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

When Do You Need Professional Ear Wax Removal - Symptoms and Treatment

An earwax build-up can result in impaired hearing. In this article we discuss some of the symptoms of ear wax build-up and the options available

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15th February 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

Making Hygiene fun for Children

How often do you have to stand over your children to ensure they clean their teeth or wash their hands. Here are some fun and handy tips to help instil it in their everyday…

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3rd February 2021   |   Authored by Dr Qaiser Malik

Endoscopy Preparation and Procedure

Dr Qaiser Malik explains how to prepare and what to expect from an Endoscopy procedure.

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2nd February 2021

World Cancer Day - February 4th 2021

Cancer is a disease that can sometimes remain undetected, and then it can be too far advanced to treat effectively. World Cancer Day, this Thursday, has launched their campaign…

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18th January 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

Living a Mindfully Healthy life

Living a mindful life is about embracing a new philosophy towards healthy living. There is this misconception that living a healthy life is difficult. Healthy living is the best…

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24th December 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Health and wellbeing in later life

As the years progress we tend to start suffering from aches and pains, and this can have an affect our mental welbeing and happiness. Here are 4 points to help you maintain a…

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18th December 2020   |   Authored by Dr Qaiser Malik

An interview with our Clinical Director: Qaiser Malik

Our Clinical Director, Qaiser Malik, answers your questions in our latest interview series.

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17th December 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Ear wax removal: symptoms, treatment and benefits

Microsuction method is used to remove ear wax and it is safe and comfortable compared to any other ear wax removal method.

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15th December 2020   |   Authored by Vista Health

Patient Experience: Sharon's Story

Sharon had experienced pain in the rotator cuff in her shoulder, therefore chose Vista Health for a fast diagnosis. Here she shares her experience.

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