Are you anxious, claustrophobic, have limited mobility or a larger patient that needs a scan?

Then look no further as our open MRI scanner is less intimidating than a closed scanner as our patients have an open 270 degree view out of the scanner (front, above and behind).  There is also room for our larger patients (up to 300kg/47st) to feel more accommodated and comfortable and due to the openness of the scanner, our patients with limited mobility can find our open scanner easy to access when stepping in and out.

We also offer the use of our open MRI scanner to patients who simply prefer to use an open scanner and for children age 8 years and over.

Where can I access an Open MRI scanner?

Our open MRI scanner located at our centre in Croydon University Hospital provides a more relaxing, comfortable patient experience. The scanner has a vertical magnetic field rather than a standard cylinder to help our patients.

The open MRI scanner offers optimal image quality and we are open 7 days per week 8am-8pm with extremely short waiting times  (1-2 weeks). The scanner can scan every body part excluding breast scans and MRAs (Angiogram).

As with all MRI scans, you will need a referral form from a clinician for us to carry out the scan.


What is the cost?

Scans are £500 for one part of the body and £200 for each additional part of the body.

Arrange upright and open MRI scan services today.

How do I book? Simply ring up our patient care team on 0333 200 2064 who will identify the correct scanning health journey for you.

We accept referrals which can be downloaded here

“Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease, the MRI was comfortable (unlike ones I’ve had in the past) and it was a quick and efficient service” Marek, Croydon.