You may have thought: Do I need a Total Body MRI scan? What exactly does it include and why would I consider one? Take control and get direct insight into your health.

What is a Total Body MRI?

A Total Body MRI scan provides immediate insight into your health and wellbeing and can detect pathology in the vital organs, by using one of the most advanced imaging techniques to date. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field to provide extremely accurate images of your body in a state-of-the-art MRI scanner. The scan analyses the major areas of the body: the head, spine, abdomen, pelvis, and heart. Our state-of-the-art MRI scanners are fitted with ‘in-bore’ technology to create an immersive visual audio-video experience, where you have a choice of music or film. The duration of the scan takes between 60-90 minutes depending on the examination package chosen, Gold or Platinum.

Who can have a Total Body MRI?

Total Body MRI Scans are available to patients over 18 years of age who may be concerned about their health or are experiencing symptoms such as headaches or pain. If you are concerned about your lifestyle and its impact on your health, interested to know more about your body, or want reassurance and peace of mind, our Total Body MRI may be for you. Our doctors are highly experienced therefore you are in good hands.

When should you consider a Total Body MRI scan?

Health care providers use MRI Total Body scans to diagnose all types of conditions, from tumors to broken ligaments and spinal cord injuries. This exam is useful if you’re asymptomatic, yet want to identify early warning signs of disease or illness.

Some diseases can affect more than one part of the body. A Total Body MRI scan can give you a holistic view of your current health condition, allowing doctors to provide better diagnosis and treatment.

What to expect during an MRI appointment?

MRI scans take place inside a narrow tube. You’ll be asked to lie still on a table throughout the scan. The technologist may instruct you to hold your breath for a few seconds, depending on the body part that is being examined.

The entire exam takes between 60-90 minutes depending on the extent of scanning required.

How long will my results take?

Within 3 working days, you will receive a full written report by a Consultant Radiologist. You will also be given access to view your scan images on our Patient Image Portal which you can share with a doctor in a post follow-up appointment. 

What can a Total Body MRI scan detect?

MRI is a non-invasive way to examine your tissues, organs, and skeletal system and diagnose various conditions.

  • Head and neck
    MRI can be used to spot traumatic brain injury, tumors, stroke, dementia, developmental anomalies, multiple sclerosis, and other causes of headache.
  • Arteries and veins
    MRI scan can help identify artery disease, aneurysms, and blockages of the blood vessels.
  • Spine
    MRI can spot spinal tumors, pinched nerves, herniated discs, fractures and spinal cord compression.
  • Bones and joints
    A full-body scan can highlight abnormalities caused by traumatic or repetitive injuries, bone infections, and tumors in the bones and soft tissues.

What if a disease is found?

Our Radiologists can differentiate between extreme and harmless abnormalities in your body. If something is found, you will be contacted straight away, and your written report will automatically be sent to your GP for your aftercare and necessary next steps.

Our Total Body MRI Scan focuses on the vital organs including:

Head/brain Brain tumours, aneurysm blocked arteries
Spine (whole) Nerve compression, vertebrae collapse, tumours, compression fractures
  • Tumours in pancreas, liver, kidney, and gallbladder
  • Evidence of liver diseases such as alcohol disease, abscess
  • Prostate diseases
  • Gallstones
  • Adrenal tumours

Uterus (evidence of polyps and tumours, Ovaries (ovarian tumours and cysts) and bladder (evidence of tumour)

Heart (cardiac)

Platinum package
Holborn location

Evidence of heart disease

To see more information on body parts covered and what a full body scan can detect please click here.

How much does a Total Body MRI scan cost?

Our Total Body MRI Scans range from £1500-£2,250, depending on the package chosen. Our Gold package includes the head, spine, abdomen, and pelvis, and our Platinum package includes the addition of a heart (cardiac) scan. Both packages include a full written report and images.

Where can I have a Total Body MRI scan?

Book your total body scan at one of our multiple locations nationwide today.

Locations include:

Because Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

At Vista Health, we welcome patients with or without a referral from a GP. Are you eager to learn more about your body or have specific health concerns? You can take control of your own health by receiving a full diagnosis with our Total Body MRI Scan.

Our Radiologists will ensure you are on the pathway to a better you. Get the peace of mind you need to boost and improve your health and wellbeing for the future, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Do you have more questions about this type of scan? Or are you interested in booking a Total Body MRI Scan?

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