It is no secret that life is much more enjoyable when you are healthy and happy. In fact, research shows that levels of health and happiness correlate with a number of other positive life outcomes that can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.

While it may at times seem out of your control, your levels of health and happiness are greatly affected by your lifestyle choices. As a result, it is possible to improve your life by making small tweaks that will have a huge impact on your day-to-day experience.

Here are some ways that you can live a healthy and happier life, starting today!

Exercise regularly

Exercising comes with a range of benefits that can improve your physical, mental, and developmental health.

It’s recommended that adults take part in around 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week. If you’re not a huge fan of the gym, exercise can take a variety of different forms. Your 150 minutes could be made up of walking, dancing, swimming, playing a team sport or even taking a class. The best type of exercise is the kind that you enjoy the most, as this will encourage you to keep it up.

Exercising regularly can help you to maintain a healthy weight, improve your muscular strength and increase your mood. All these benefits will contribute towards creating a happy and healthy life.

Minimise stress

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to poor mental and physical health. Physical symptoms of stress include headaches, high blood pressure, low sex drive and problems with sleep. Stress can also be a huge drain on your mental wellbeing, leaving you feeling irritable, low, and fatigued. Several factors can contribute towards your stress levels, so, it is important that you check in on yourself and manage the areas that may be causing stress.

Financial stress

They say that money makes the world go round and for this reason, finances can quickly become incredibly stressful. Financial stress peaks during later life, when you may be out of work and surviving on a pension. To prevent this from causing too much stress, you should consider looking into expert financial advice when it comes to your finances and consider later life support services. Later life support services can help you prepare for any financial barriers you may face and reduce your financial stress.

Work related stress

Of course, no job will be easy (otherwise you wouldn’t get paid!) However, it is important that you keep on top of work-related stress. This stress can be caused by employment instability, work-place conflicts, issues with pay and even simply having a job that you don’t enjoy. You can minimise work-related stress by taking time out for yourself and finding a role that you enjoy.

Family related stress

It’s not just your work life that may be causing you stress. Family also plays a role in your quality of life and dramas; arguments or family sickness could take a toll on your stress levels. You can prevent family-related stress by engaging in self-care and talking to another person about your worries.

Get regular check-ups

The best way to keep on top of your physical health is to get regular check-ups from a health service. Check-ups can help to spot the symptoms of potential health complications before they fully develop, which could help you to prevent illness and maintain good physical health.

Have a balanced diet

The food that you eat can affect both your physical and mental health. Therefore, to have a happy and healthy life, it is important that you eat well. Eating the right foods will keep you focussed and energetic throughout the day, which will help you to enjoy your life more. A good diet can also benefit your heart and gut health, which will prevent the development of health issues.

Do things that make you happy!

One of the easiest ways to instantly live a healthier and happier life is to start doing more of what you love! Sometimes the demand of work and having a family can mean that you forget to do things for yourself.

To improve your quality of life, try to spend at least 1 hour each week doing something that you enjoy. This could be going for a drink with a friend, engaging in a hobby, or even taking yourself for a manicure. You could do absolutely anything as long as it makes you happy!

How can Vista Health help?

At Vista, we offer a range of services that are aimed at improving your health and increasing overall life satisfaction. These services include MRI scans, Ultrasound, Open MRI and X-ray which can help to keep track of your health as you get older and spot the early signs of any possible complications. If you would like to know more about the services that we offer, get in touch with the team today!

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