Many desk workers spend hours at a time sat down and don’t have the energy or time after work to attend the gym or reach their health goals. We’ve got you covered with our top 6 tips to stay fit and healthy whilst in the office.  

Cycle or walk

Do you need to take your car to work? Do you live nearby? For short journeys to work, opt for the healthier option and walk or cycle. Some workplaces operate a cycle to work scheme which is a safe and effective form of exercise.

Take the stairs

Incorporate exercise into your daily office routine by taking the stairs instead of the lift. If your floor is on the upper levels, take the stairs or get out in the lift a few floors early before your office. Choose to do this in the morning, during or at the end of your work day.

Eat healthier

Tempted by the office tuck shop, unhealthy vending machines or takeaway order in? Avoid processed food and bring in a healthy lunch such as a chicken salad or nutritious wrap.

Our number one tip: Don’t skip breakfast. Provide your body with the fuel it needs to take on your daily tasks. Eating a healthful breakfast will also make you less likely to indulge in and crave unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

Utilise your lunch break

Make the most of your lunch break and go for a walk around the building or find a nearby park. Use a Fitbit or Pedometer to keep track of how many calories and steps you take.

Stand more

Take a different approach and stand during a meeting or whilst talking on the telephone – you will feel miles more alert and engaged during it. Why not reduce your time sitting and use a standing desk? Alpa Patel, PhD, American Cancer Society Strategic Director, Cancer Prevention Study 3, says “Sitting time research is still in its infancy, and we are trying to understand whether it’s the total amount that you sit or how frequently you break up those bouts of sitting that are related to disease risk. While we continue to learn, what is driving this relationship, it’s clear that cutting down on the time you spend sitting is good for your health.”

Stay hydrated

Keep your body hydrated and energised by drinking enough water per day to allow your body to digest properly. The NHS Eatwell Guide recommends 6 to 8 glasses of fluids per day including water, lower fat milks, tea and coffee, and sugar-free drinks.

How do our staff keep fit in our office?

Hadrian Collier, Marketing and Brand Lead at Vista Health says “Working at a desk all day makes me feel tired and lethargic. I often bring kale or spinach fruit smoothies with nut milk which makes me feel more alert and reenergised. I also always take the stairs and take regular breaks away from my desk whilst in the office. “

Our Patient Care Advisor, Rhys, walks an hour to and from work every day and walks further than some of the staff who drive.

Our PET CT/Triage Advisor, Barbara, uses the stairs instead of the lift. Team Leader, Imran, bans all sweets and chocolates at his desk and always sits with his back straight. This makes him feel confident, stronger and more motivated. Did you know Vista Health provide PET-CT scans?

Patient Care Administrator, Laura, is part of a diet group and follows a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. To maintain her healthy lifestyle in the office, she makes sure she eats a balanced meal and drinks lots of water.