13th May 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

Should you consider a Total Body MRI scan?

Our total body MRI scan provides immediate insight into your health and wellbeing, giving you complete control of your own health. We offer a choice of 2 health scan packages.

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23rd February 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

8 Best Exercises for People In Their 50s and Over

Physical inactivity is prevalent among older folks, increasing health risks. We recommend 8 easy exercises to try for people over 50s to stay active.

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9th February 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

A Guide to Understanding Blood Pressure Numbers

Understanding your blood pressure numbers can help prevent hypertension and other serious health conditions. Learn more in this article by Vista Health.

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31st January 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

6 Common Ice Skating Injuries To Watch Out For

Ice skating can be fun but also dangerous. Read on as Vista Health shares six of the most common injuries associated with ice skating.

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26th January 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

7 Ways to Prevent Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Check out the Vista Health blog today for tips on preventing migraines and headaches.

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26th January 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

Common Football Injuries and Their Treatments

Football players are at risk of sustaining injuries on the field. Read our blog to learn more about the most common football injuries and how to treat them.

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12th January 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

8 Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling provides many benefits to a person’s health. Read this blog by Vista Health to learn how cycling can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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10th January 2022   |   Authored by Vista Health

8 Ways to Recover Well from Rugby Injuries

Rugby is one of the toughest contact sports in the world. Read the latest blog from Vista Health to learn tips to help you recover from rugby injuries.

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4th January 2022   |   Authored by Olivia Wood

New Year Resolutions: How to Start Fresh with Your Health

Improving your health is a great way to start the new year feeling fresh, revived, and ready for anything that 2022 has to offer.

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21st December 2021   |   Authored by Olivia Wood

The Importance of Technology in Healthcare Services: NHS Budget Increased but 1.4 million Patients Still Waiting for Diagnostic Tests

One of the most important elements of any healthcare service is technology, which takes on a variety of vital roles in and around the healthcare setting.

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15th December 2021   |   Authored by Vista Health

10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Mindful This Winter

As the colder months roll around, so do health risks like flu and seasonal depression. Stay healthy during wintertime with these health tips from Vista Health.

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